Student Senate

According to the USG Constitution, all legislative powers shall be vested in a Student Senate. The Senate shall consist of twenty-six (27) duly-certified Senators.
Senators shall be considered sitting members of the Senate, and as such, each Senator shall be afforded the privilege to speak, and the rights to introduce legislation, vote, and count for quorum at all General Senate Meetings.

Meet the Senate

Aaron George 

Amina Tariq

Andy Ebbin 

Bianca Molina 

Calvin Kipperman 

Chika Otisi

Dapo Ibrahim

David Dweck

Dave Dodson

Eli Yazdi 

Enmanuel Valdez

Farha Nazia

Farvorites Lotin 

Joseph Hamadani 

Maria J. R. Urquijo

Md Rakib Riyad

Michael Davis

Neha Syeda

Nicholas Cevoli

Rachel Mahpari

Ryan Fratello

Sara Cohen

Shadae A. Brown

Shuma Easmin

Tanvir Ahmad

Yosef Sprei 

Yisroel Shulman

Past Senators

Ashley Raquel Suarez

Robert Tawil

Gideon Kahan

Kyle Reese

Vanessa Collazos

Meeting Notices, Agendas and Minutes can be found here

Legislation can be found here