University Student Senate (USS)

The City University of New York

According to the USS Constitution,  [The USS] represents the interests of the students of the City University of New York by communicating all student positions on all issues to the City University’s campuses, faculty and administrators; Chancellery, Board of Trustees, New York City Legislature, Mayor, New York State legislature, Governor, United States Congress, President of the United States and such other governmental and private agencies as shall be deemed necessary to effect this purpose and shall work effectively with all aforementioned entities to best serve this purpose. It shall serve as the principal lobbying organization for the students of the University and shall make public its position on any action for the purpose of informing its constituents and the general public of the City of New York.

Flavia Shyti

Main Delegate

Malak Yafai

Main Delegate

Carrie Ebbin

Alternate Delegate 

Jordan Angus

Alternate Delegate


USS Constitution and Bylaws

USS Constitution/Bylaws

CUNY General Manual

Policy 7.15 - SG and USS

Policy 7.15 Student Government.pdf