Senate Committees


The Student Senate may establish Committees as they deem necessary.  Committees and Subcommittees shall rule as far as applicable and may adopt policy governing their procedure. Such policy shall not be inconsistent with or contradict the USG Constitution, Bylaws, or established provisions of law and shall be available to the public generally.

Student Affairs

The Committee on Student Affairs

A Committee on Student Affairs shall serve as the oversight committee on student affairs, and as such, shall have jurisdiction over the undergraduate students of Brooklyn College. The Committee shall deliberate and debate matters of academic, campus, and community affairs involving undergraduate students.

The Committee shall not exceed ten (10) voting members at any time. 

2023-2024 USG Senate Committee On Student Affairs Members:

Rules and Ethics

The Committee on Rules and Ethics

A Committee on Rules and Ethics shall serve as the oversight committee on government affairs, and as such, shall have jurisdiction over the USG Constitution, the USG Bylaws, all law and policies regularly established, and interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws. The Committee shall adjudicate and arbitrate conflicts of legislative, executive, and disciplinary actions involving student government and its members.

The Committee shall not exceed five (5) voting members at any time.

2023-2024 USG Senate Committee On Rules and Ethics Members:


Violations are breaches of the rules and procedures specified in the USG Bylaws, and law and policies regularly established.

Any Student Senator or Executive Officer may propose and submit a “Resolution of Violation” to be introduced or considered by the Rules and Ethics Committee. Any undergraduate student may submit a Resolution of Violation with at least one (1) Senator or Officer as a sponsor. The Resolution of Violation shall apply to only one Senator or Officer at a time and shall be a written statement that includes the name of the Senator or Officer, a list of the violations that may have been committed, and all details or specifications available.

Any member of the student body may report allegations and evidence of perceived violations by submitting a Resolution to any member of student government. The member of student government must submit the Resolution to an Officer of Student Senate. The Officer of Student Senate must introduce the Resolution to the Rules and Ethics Committee at their next immediate Committee Meeting and the charges shall be brought to the full committee.


A Simple Proposition of Inquiry or Challenge may be introduced to the Rules and Ethics Committee in order to obtain an interpretation of the USG Constitution, the Bylaws, or student government law generally, or to challenge the constitutionality of any legislation or directive that has been approved and enacted. The Committee’s interpretation and decision shall be considered binding and shall be taken into account in the execution of all further actions. Upon ruling a law unconstitutional, the law shall immediately cease to be enacted.