The Office of the Press Director

Press Director: Nitu Farhin

Office Hours: Schedule a meeting  

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An Office of Press shall be headed by a duly-certified Press Director and Deputy Press Director. The Press Directors shall be the principal spokespeople and representatives through whom student government announces and publicizes its actions or decisions.

The Press Directors shall work in conjunction with the President towards representing the executive branch’s messages and goals and may perform such additional actions as it deems necessary to represent the student government.

The Press Directors shall have the principal responsibility of maintaining a program to promote student engagement with student government, promote campus affairs, and market the student government generally.



The Social Media Task Force


USG Growth Plan

We plan to grow the popularity and outreach of USG through a variety of metric-based strategies. 

We plan to transition many of our services to popular online mediums such as Discord, we plan to continue an active USG social media presence, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and also we plan to launch an interactive and official website for USG as soon as we take office. In order to ensure growth efficiency, as your representatives in USG, we will measure our growth by using specific metrics, and we will use paid advertising on social media to maximize our outreach, growth, and engagement with students.

Finally, in order to increase the appeal of student government and incentive students to become engaged, we as leaders of USG will shift our messaging to appeal to what students truly believe in, and we will galvanize student participation by fighting for what they really want: a FREE and fully funded CUNY.