Student Senate

According to the USG Constitution, all legislative powers shall be vested in a Student Senate. The Senate, in its entirety, shall consist of all currently serving “Student Senators” up to a maximum of twenty-one (21) duly certified Senators. Senators shall be considered sitting members of the Senate, and as such, each Senator shall be afforded the privilege to speak, and the rights to introduce legislation, vote, and count for quorum at all General Senate Meetings.

Meet the Senate

Allegra Timsit

Asma Akter

Fouad Altaffi

Jaden Patrice

Joseph Edelheit

Joshua Ebbin

Joshua Koegel

Lauren Zami

Maria J. R. Urquijo

Mark Hachicho

Mordecai Lev

Muyinjon Turobov

Rashada Akter

Robert Adler

Sahar Husain

Shannon Dyett

Simone Dweck

Solomon Orenstein

Meeting Notices, Agendas and Minutes can be found here

Legislation can be found here