The Office of Treasurer

Current Treasurer: Nadav Raz

Office Hours: Tuesday, 12:30-2:00pm



The Treasurer serves as the acting chief financial officer of student government, and as such, shall draft a budget for the President to submit to the Senate for ratification, shall maintain the USG Budget and the USG BCA reserves fund, shall keep a record of all income and expenditures of student government, and shall issue a monthly report detailing all expenses and the total remaining budget. The Treasurer may enact budget modifications, including but not limited to line transfers and BCA fund reserve withdrawals.


USG Budget

Club Funding

The Treasurer shall appropriate and allocate funds to duly-chartered student organizations in accordance with the ratified budget for that fiscal year, and shall initiate the transfer of any funds approved by an allocating body.

The Club Funding Council

The Club Funding Council has the power and duty to review and approve grant requests of $1,000 or less from any duly-chartered USG student organization. For grant requests of more than $1,000 from any duly-chartered USG student organization, the Executive Cabinet shall have the power and duty to approve a request upon the affirmative recommendation of the Council. The Council shall adhere to the Grant Approval Process established in the USG Bylaws and the CUNY Fiscal Accountability Guidelines.

The Council consists of six (6) undergraduate students members chaired by the Treasurer.

2020-2021 USG Club Funding Council Members:








A Grant Request Form form shall be available online. The Treasurer shall convene meetings of the Club Funding Council so as to ensure the timely approval of grant requests. The Club Funding Council may attach such terms to approved grants as it sees necessary and proper. Grant requests shall not be approved for suspended organizations.

2020-2021 USG Grant Request Form:





To ensure that students are empowered as they go through their college experiences, Brooklyn College must take steps to a more sustainable and green campus, giving students the hope and belief that our campus is not part of the problem, but part of the solution. As your USG leaders and student reps in Brooklyn College, we will focus on energy, waste, food and water.

- Advocate for green state investment and push for BC to switch to cleaner energy alternatives, such as on-campus solar panels;

- Propose a ban on Single-use plastics by any Brooklyn College on-campus establishment, such as the cafeteria, the kiosk, vending machines or club functions and events. Aluminum or glass items must be sold instead. This does not mean any student will be disallowed from bringing or using single-use plastics on campus;

- Encourage Brooklyn College to partner with localized farming cooperatives to achieve not only a greener footprint, but also to provide more affordable and tasty food options for students;

- Push for more water sources around campus where students and faculty can refill their bottles, as well as a published report on the drinking quality of the water on campus. On top of this, reusable, long lasting and cheap water-bottles should be sold on campus to students.