The Office of Chief of Staff

Current Chief of Staff: Aharon Grama

Office Hours: Tuesday, 12:15-1:15pm (Feel free to msg anytime)


WhatsApp: Contact me here


An Office of Chief of Staff shall be headed by a Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff shall serve as the acting Clerk of the Cabinet, Clerk of Student Senate, chief administrative officer, and librarian of student government, and as such, shall administer and document the laws, policies, and actions of the student government, shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the student government facilities, property, and material supplies, and shall keep record of all proceedings of student government including introduced legislation and directives, public statements, recorded votes, and disposition of all parliamentary points raised.



The student government election season shall take place over a five-week period. The first week of petitioning will begin no later than March 15. Campaigns may include groups or individual students seeking to sponsor a referendum, individual students seeking to serve as a Student Senator, two (2) students seeking to serve as President and Vice President as a ticket, two (2) individual students seeking to serve as USS Delegates, two (2) individual students seeking to serve as USS Alternate Delegates, and two (2) individual students seeking to serve as Student Disciplinarian and Alternate Student Disciplinarian.

The Elections Council

An Elections Council shall have the powers, duties and responsibilities of administering and enforcing the provisions of the USG Bylaws, and the rules, regulations and orders applicable to the student government elections process. The Council shall issue and adopt such rules, regulations, orders, directives and procedures necessary for the operation and direction of the Elections Commissioner, and may appoint such assistance necessary for the Council or Commissioner to operate.

The Council shall be composed of five (5) ex-officio members chaired by the Chief of Staff.

2020-2021 USG Elections Council Members:

The Treasurer (Nadav Raz)

The Press Director (Iqura Naheed)

The President (Ethan Milich)

The Elections Commissioner (TBD)

The Elections Commissioner