Club Material Requests

Requesting Materials

There are certain items that can be requested by clubs from USG's own inventory.  Please email at least 48 Hours in advance, otherwise your request will not be fulfilled.

Note: It is best to send an email as early as possible to avoid last-minute conflicts with supply. This may mean submitting emailing soon after the submission of the event ERF.

Club Materials List

Note: This is a continuously updating list.

Click Here to See the Full List

If you want to see anything in person or have specific questions about the process that cannot be resolved through email, feel free to book an appointment with the Chief of Staff or stop by the USG office in the Student Center.


Steps to request an item:

Returning Items:

Should clubs return damaged materials, future consideration for approving requests will be impacted.

Requesting a Locker

There are a limited amount of lockers available in the USG office for club storage. To request a space, please schedule a meeting with the Chief of Staff

Lockers will be reset at the end of every spring term. 

Locker space will be withdrawn if clubs do not use it for at least two events per term.

Clubs that do not renew their registration or lose registration on Bulldog Connection will lose access to their locker space. This will affect future considerations for attaining locker space.