Dylan Karlowski

Events Director

About Dylan

Dylan is a Junior at Brooklyn College by day and moonlights as that one character who has the hammer from the hit Disney Blockbuster, Wreak-It-Ralph, by night. When he's not getting things from the tallest shelf in the office, Dylan can be found at his desk writing documents in neon-green font or talking to his desk mate, Woody. In his free time, Dylan carries around a briefcase and wanders around Looking Important. Dylan's secret talents include parkour, staring wistfully outside of windows, and talking to the squirrels on campus. If you see him in the halls-- make sure to tell him you love his new haircut!


The USG Events Coordinator Spring 2024

The USG Press Director Fall 2023

Student Senator (2023)


Email: dylan.karlowski@bcstudentgov.org / events@bcstudentgov.org

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