Samuel Ganthier

Vice President

About Samuel

Samuel Ganthier, born and raised in Brooklyn, is the descendant of two Haitian immigrant parents who worked the hardest jobs to create the most meaningful life for him and his siblings. Samuel has ventured through life working hard to demonstrate excellence. Samuel's primary goal is to be an example for those around him like his siblings. Last year, Samuel graduated with an Associate’s Degree from Kingsborough Community College. Immediately after being admitted to Brooklyn College, he became a pivotal leader in many organizations such as Haitian American Student Association and Black History Month Committee. Additionally, he is a College Assistant for the Black and Latino Male Initiative at Brooklyn College, giving him extensive leadership experience in higher education. Samuel's “go-getter” attitude and concrete-jungle mindset sets him apart. Samuel’s experiences have taught him that he can pave a different way for himself and others who come after him, and that his resilience, drive, and determination are his greatest attributes in being the successful man he is today.

Samuel Ganthier


The USG Vice President

The President of Student Senate

Student Services Corporation

Faculty Council - Committee on Admissions